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The Pre-Columbian Art Collection

Authentic treasures can be found in every corner of the Claris Hotel & Spa 5*GL. English furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries, Turkish kilims, mosaics and sculptures from the Roman Empire, Egyptian engravings commissioned by Napoleon, works by Catalan artist Josep Guinovart, and even Indian and Burmese sculptures.

Sala Museo 01
Pieza de arte

Pre-Columbian culture fills the Museum Room. Figures from Mesoamerica and Central America, human representations of Western Mexican culture, and statues of the Costa Rican warriors who witnessed the European arrival to America.


Unique pieces such as decorated censers, jewels and jade objects, Mayan ceramic pottery, hieroglyphic texts, geometric motifs, and paintings of animals, gods and human beings taking part in religious ceremonies or palace scenes.

The Andean region is also part of this wide range of cultures, in particular the ceramic pottery typical of Nazca culture: a funerary urn and different objects used during their ritual activities.

Works of art from the collection can be found in every area of the hotel, including in the rooms.



As well as a hotelier, Jordi Clos is an Egyptologist, collector and sponsor of art. He chairs the Clos Archaeological Foundation and the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona, the largest private collection of Egyptian art in Europe on display to the public and has been funding archaeological digs in Egypt for over twenty years.

Jordi Clos

President of Derby Hotels Collection

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